Leaxe is an American, peer-to-peer recreational motor vehicle sharing company started in Florida, United States. Leaxe allows private owners to rent out their recreational motor vehicles via an online and mobile interface. Leaxe is the world’s first peer-to-peer recreational motor vehicle sharing marketplace where you can book any recreational vehicle you want, whenever, where you are from local hosts across the U.S. You will be able to browse endless options and be able to choose from a unique selection of recreational motor vehicles perfect for the adventure you seek. Book these vehicles from local hosts, from your neighbors or wherever your adventure takes you. Skip the high prices and limited choices at the counter and save time and hassle by picking it up near you or meet the host. Start your own recreational motor vehicle sharing business; turn your depreciating asset into an earnings machine. Owners can earn money by sharing their vehicles when they are not being used and can build a recreational vehicle sharing business that’s scalable and flexible

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